Sodium Lignosulphonate(MN-1)

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The sodium lignosulphonate, a natural polymer prepared from alkaline papermaking black liquor through concentration, filtration and spray drying, has good physical and chemical properties such as cohesiveness, dilution, dispersibility, adsorptivity, permeability, surface activity, chemical activity, bioactivity and so on. This product is the dark brown free-flowing powder, soluble in water, chemical property stability, long-term sealed storage without decomposition.

  • Model: MN-1
  • Chemical Formula: C30H25CIN6
  • CAS No: 8068-05-1
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    Lignosulfonic Acid Sodium Salt MN-1


    JF SODIUM LIGNOSULPHONATE POWDER is produced from straw and wood mix pulp black liquor through filtration, sulfonation, concentration and spray drying, and is a powdery low air-entrained set retarding and water reducing admixture, belongs to an anionic surface active substance, has absorption and dispersion effect on the cement, and can improve various physical properties of the concrete.


    Projects and indicators MN-1
    Appearance Reddish brown powder
    Lignosulfonate content 40% - 55%
    pH 7-9
    Reducing substance 5%
    Water 4%
    Water insolubles <3.38%
    Water reducing rate 8%


    1. Concrete additives: it can be used as a water reducing agent, suitable for culverts, dams, reservoirs, airports and highways and other projects. It can also be used as air-entraining agent, retarder, early strength agent, antifreeze, etc. Improve the workability of concrete and improve the quality of the project. It can be used in summer to suppress slump loss, and it is generally used in combination with superplasticizers.

    2. Wettable pesticide fillers and emulsifying dispersants; binders for fertilizer granulation and feed granulation.

    3. Water coal slurry additives.

    4. Refractory materials, ceramic products dispersion, bonding, water reducing enhancer. When making refractory bricks and tiles, it can be used as a dispersant and adhesive, which can significantly improve the operation performance, and has good effects such as water reduction, enhancement, and prevention of cracks. Used in ceramic products, it can reduce the carbon content, increase the green strength, reduce the amount of plastic clay, and have good mud fluidity.

    5. It can be used as a water shutoff agent for geology, oil fields, consolidating well walls and oil exploitation.

    6. Used as a descaling agent and circulating water stabilizer on the boiler.

    7. Anti-sand, sand-fixing agent.

    8. It is used for electroplating and electrolysis, which can make the coating uniform and without tree-like patterns

    9. As a tanning auxiliary in the tanning industry.

    10. Ore beneficiation flotation agent and ore powder smelting binder. When used as a mineral binder, it is mixed with mineral powder to form mineral powder balls, which are dried and put into the kiln, which can greatly increase the smelting recovery rate.

    11. Long-acting slow-release nitrogen fertilizer agent, high-efficiency slow-release compound fertilizer improvement additive.

    12. Vat dyes, disperse dye fillers, dispersants, diluents for acid dyes, etc.

    13. Lead-acid battery and alkaline battery cathode anti-shrinking agent, improve battery low-temperature rapid discharge and service life.

    14. Feed binders can improve the preference of livestock and poultry, have good particle strength, reduce the amount of fine powder in the feed, reduce the powder return rate, and reduce the cost.


    Packing: 40KG/bag, double-layered packaging with plastic inner and outer braid.

    Storage: Keep dry and ventilated storage links to avoid dampness and rainwater soaking.

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