• Silicone Defoamer

    Silicone Defoamer

    The defoamer for papermaking can be added after the foam is generated or added as a foam inhibitor to the product. According to different use systems, the addition amount of the defoamer can be 10~1000ppm. Generally, the consumption of paper per ton of white water in papermaking is 150~300g, the best addition amount is determined by the customer according to the specific conditions. The paper defoamer can be used directly or after being diluted. If it can be fully stirred and dispersed in the foaming system, it can be added directly without dilution. If you need to dilute, please ask for the method of dilution directly from our company. The method of directly diluting the product with water is not advisable, and it is prone to phenomena such as layering and demulsification, which will affect the quality of the product.

    Appearance White Translucent Paste Liquid
    pH Value 6.5~8.0
    Solid Content 100% (no moisture content)
    Viscosity (25℃) 80~100mPa
    Emulsion Type Non-ionic
    Thinner 1.5%~2% Polyacrylic Acid Thickening Water
  • Antifoam Agent

    Antifoam Agent

    Antifoam Agent is an additive to eliminate foam. In the production and application process of coatings, textiles, medicine, fermentation, papermaking, water treatment and petrochemical industries, a large amount of foam will be produced, which will affect the quality of products and the production process. Based on the suppression and elimination of foam, a specific amount of defoamer is usually added to it during production.

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  • Polyether Water Based Defoamer, Lubricant And Release Agent In Water Reducer Ready Mix Concrete

    Polyether Water Based Defoamer, Lubricant And Release Agent In Water Reducer Ready Mix Concrete

    Antifoam AF 08 is a polyether defoamer for use in water reducer(ready mix concrete)applications. It will prevent foaming in virtually any industrial application. It acts quickly breaking up the foam without altering the effectiveness of the cleaning solution or effluent treatment chemicals being used .

    Antifoam may also be used as a lubricant, slip & release agent.