Dipsersant MF-A

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Dispersant MF is an anionic surfactant, dark brown powder, easily soluble in water, easy to absorb moisture, non-combustible, has excellent diffusibility and thermal stability, non-permeability and foaming, resistance to acid and alkali, hard water and inorganic salts , No affinity for cotton, linen and other fibers; affinity for protein and polyamide fibers; can be used with anionic and nonionic surfactants, but cannot be mixed with cationic dyes or surfactants.

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    Sodium Gluconate(SG-C)


    The appearance of sodium gluconate is white or light yellow crystalline particles or powder. It is easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol, and insoluble in ether. The product has a good retarding effect and excellent taste, and is widely used in industry. It can be used as a high-efficiency chelating agent, steel surface cleaning agent, glass bottle cleaning in construction, textile printing and dyeing, metal surface treatment and water treatment industries. It can be used as a high-efficiency retarder and high-efficiency water-reducing agent in the concrete industry.


    Dipsersant MF-A

    Appearence Dark Brow Powder
    Dispersion force 95%
    pH (1% aq. Solution) 7-9
    Na2SO4 5%
    Water 8%
    Insoluble impuries content 0.05%
    Ca+Mg content 4000ppm


    1.As dispersing agent and filler.

    2.Pigment pad dyeing and printing industry, soluble vat dye staining.

    3.Emulsion stabilizer in rubber industry, auxiliary tanning agent in leather industry.

    4. Can be dissolved in concrete for water reducing agent to shorten the construction period, saving cement and water, increase the strength of cement.

    5. Wettable pesticide dispersant


    As a dispersed filler of disperse and vat dyes. Dosage is the 0.5~3 times of vat dyes or 1.5~2 times of disperse dyes.

    For tied dye, dosage of dispersant MF is 3~5g/L, or 15~20g/L of Dispersant MF for reduction bath.

    3. 0.5~1.5g/L for polyester dyed by dispersed dye in high temperature / high pressure.

    Used in the dyeing of azoic dyes, dispersant dosage is 2~5g/L, dosage of dispersant MF is 0.5~2g/L for development bath.


    25kg per bag

    Should be stored at room temperature in cool place with ventilation. Storage period is two years.


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